2D / Digital Art

Character Design Practice – Monster (bib 2020)

A quick character design practice. We agreed to make a monster and had until next time to finish the work.

Software: Photoshop

Playing Card (bib 2019)

Each of us initially drew a card — I drew a nine of clubs — for which we should design our own card. We agreed on a diagonal axis of symmetry.

Software: Photoshop

Der Zaunkönig und der Bär – Character Concepts (bib 2019)

A practice with the task to create character concepts based on a chosen european fairy tale. I started with rough silhouettes, then I created the line art and then provided the figures with a base color.

Software: Photoshop

Trading Card Game – Cards (bib 2019)

The aim of the project was to have a playable trading card game on the topic of “haunted house”. Each of us had been given the task of developing 1-3 original characters so that they could later be used in a common card layout. The card layout comes from Steven Serra Mock, the back of the card from Lisa Scherf, the logo from My Chau and the tribe icons from Erik Martens.

Software: Photoshop, Illustrator

Wendelin Brix (bib 2019)

A character sheet to practice drawing on a tablet.

Software: Photoshop

Typoworld (bib 2018/19)

We had to create a picture exclusively from the letters of our first name. (The background and terrain were exempt from the rule.)

Software: Illustrator

Storm (bib 2018)

At the beginning of the 1st semester we should create a picture on the topic of storm. It is pretty much inspired by an Epic Mickey artwork, so I don’t make a secret out of it. Does anyone find the hidden Oswald? =D

Software: Photoshop

GoldMan27 – The Mechanical Overlord (2013)

My first more elaborate project in Photoshop. I made this image for a forum member named “GoldMan27” or “TheMechanicalOverlord”, who turned 18 back then. It was a very complex task because I wanted to maintain the symmetry and worked very pixel-precisely. For example, I painstakingly painted the cracks in the magma by hand.

Software: Photoshop

First Digital Art (2005)

My dad showed me how Photoshop works when I was 6 or 7. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the original files on our old computer, so I took pictures of the prints. For some reason I thought, I made these in MS Paint, but these grass brush strokes are definitely from Photoshop!

Software: Photoshop