Traditional Art

Sabotage Frog – Sidekick of Captain Useless (2022)

A “movie poster” as part of an entrance exam at a university. I first made a storyboard, as the task required. It’s about a slightly evil sidekick of a superhero, who always ends up killing innocent people with just his presence most of the time. In this “edition” the frog sabotages pipes and somehow ends up in the astronaut’s space suit, making him let go of his spaceship and float in space for eternity. The story and character are based on a short comic that you can find further down below.

Columba lacerta agilis (bib 2020)

Tried to combine two different species, a pigeon and a sand lizard.

Voodoo dolls conjuring a fire spirit (bib 2019)

Bread on a board on a rock on oatmeal (bib 2019)

Wizard (bib 2019)

It was supposed to be a character for a modeling project, but I decided to make a different one. In terms of emotions, I think it is an interesting character because his hair and beard change depending on the emotion.

Comic Project (bib 2018)

A comic that we should come up with and ink within 1-2 days.

Bounty Hunter (bib 2018)

The default version was preceded by two versions. The first version was really bad. The variation on the right side was made to make the character more look like a bounty hunter, which was ultimately the task.

Thinner Disaster (2018)

For Inktober 2018. This is the jug that Mickey spilled and caused the Thinner Disaster with in the game Epic Mickey. The game is about forgotten Disney toons, including the tragic story of Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, who was replaced by Mickey Mouse in the late 1920s.

Animal studies (2018)