Piano Blocks

Piano Blocks (2016)

Anyone who is familiar with Piano Tiles will quickly understand what this is about. Piano Blocks is a minigame, built within the map editor of the game Blockstorm.

For this minigame I used a timed circuit mechanism as a basis, invented by an old friend from the Blockstorm community. The minigame works in such a way that the player has to destroy the “correct” block as quickly as possible to get to the next level. From level to level, you have less and less time to destroy the right block. If you destroy the wrong one or the right one not quickly enough, you get killed by a zombie/alien from behind and the game is over. In the concert hall, spectators can experience live how the player’s score increases.

In case you own Blockstorm and want to try it out, here is the Steam workshop page.

The music from the video is called Por una Cabeza. Performed by an unknown pianist.

Software: Blockstorm (Game)