Animations & Videos

2D Animation Tests (bib 2019) (no audio 🔇)

As part of the classes, we should create short animations on given topics (Talent show, Excalibur, Alle meine Entchen, Monkey rock), for which we were given 1-2 days each. (The monkey rock background belongs to our lecturer Marco Finkenstein.)

Software: Photoshop, Premiere Pro

Game Menu – Sky vs Sea (2019) (no audio 🔇)

A game menu that was animated within Photoshop, using the Timeline panel.

Software: Photoshop

Witch It Tales – Witch It Fan Art (2018)

This is a very elaborate pixel art animation that I worked on for about half a year. Witch It is a fun Hide & Seek game from German developers. I took on this project to support them and it was the most amazing experience I have ever had! (The piece “Danse Macabre” was performed by the Capriccio Clarinet Orchestra.)

Software: Aseprite, Photoshop, Audacity, Premiere Pro

Witch It Gif – Witch It Fan Art (2017)

Before Witch It Tales I created this little gif animation. It demonstrates, what Witch It is about: Witches can turn into objects (props) and have to survive, while overweight farmers (hunters) have to try to knock them out with potatoes, for example.

Software: Aseprite

Kamerafund mit Folgen – Short Film (mm-bbs 2017)

Kamerafund mit Folgen (Engl.: Camera Discovery with Consequences) was a short film project from the 12th grade of the vocational high school at mm-bbs near Messe/Ost. We were divided into four groups and received an item that had to play a central role in our short film. Our item was a camera. In pre-production my tasks were to develop the treatment and the storyboard. In production I was the second cameraman and in post-production I did the editing and the soundtrack.

Software: Premiere Pro, GarageBand (iOS)

Sky vs Sea (2016) (no audio 🔇)

Sky vs Sea is a frame-by-frame animation that I developed in the map editor of the game Blockstorm. The series is based on The Edge Chronicles, but takes place in a different world. The characters that appear in it are real people from the Blockstorm community. The total of 821 45×35-pixels-big frames run at about 3.4 frames per second, which is not exactly fast, but the fastest that is possible in Blockstorm. Unfortunately, I had to discontinue the series, although I still had a lot of ideas.

Software: Blockstorm (Game)

Piano Blocks (2016)

Anyone who is familiar with Piano Tiles will quickly understand what this is about. Piano Blocks is a mini game that I developed in Blockstorm. There are three major mechanisms in Blockstorm that were developed by three different people from the community. The GAL system from TheRudeWolf, Timed Circuit from Exenoxx and the EBF system (Explosive Barrel Fight) from me. For this mini game I used the Timed Circuit. The mini game works in such a way that the player has to destroy the “correct” block as quickly as possible to get to the next level. From level to level, he has less and less time to destroy the right block. If he destroys the wrong one or the right one not quickly enough, he will be surprised by a zombie/alien from behind and the game is over. In the concert hall, spectators can experience live how the player’s score increases.

Software: Blockstorm (Game)

A Christmas Tale (HLS 2014)

This was a stop motion short film project from the 9th grade at Helene-Lange-Schule. Since I had previously worked on a stop-motion short film in 2013, I already had some previous knowledge. I worked together with two classmates, but did most of the work alone outside of school. It was filmed on an iPod Touch with the Stop Motion Studio app. The 2,010-frames-long animation runs at 11 FPS. Synopsis: A child who does not get the gift he is looking for, goes on a vengeance years later to kill Santa, who happens to live on the moon. (Music used: Jingle Bells and Deponia OST)

Software: Stop Motion Studio

Fanmade South Park Stop Motion Animation (2014)

A short animation which I made using 2D figures made of handicraft paper instead of Lego figures. The figures come from the series South Park. Please excuse my bad English in the video, I was 16 at the time.

Software: Stop Motion Studio

The Crown (2013) (audio removed for copyright reasons 🔇)

My first stop motion short film, which I made together with my little sister.

Software: Stop Motion Studio