Home Guidance

Home Guidance – Side-Scroller (2016-2017)

Home Guidance is a side-scroller, built within the map editor of the game Blockstorm, which gives you the choice between 3 playable characters with 3 different storylines. In total, there are 30 levels, which subdivide in 12 joint levels and additional 3×6 individual levels.

I made this minigame by making use of Blockstorm’s game mechanics. This includes the behavior of zombie characters towards explosions and general game physics. For the character selection mechanic I built strings of blocks leading from the character buttons towards an arrangement of blocks and explosives, which simply put is a conditional statement. If the player, let’s say, destroys the yellow button, then the other two characters stay where they are and the course of the game is determined by this very decision. When reaching the second half of the minigame, the player is led to the entry point of were the individual character’s story continues. It is not possible to play the other storylines if not the corresponding character is “selected”. To make the platform on which the player stands fall, I connected the platform with a transparent block, which in turn is connected to a kind of block that has no physics. Basically, when the character reaches the end of a level, the transparent block gets destroyed and everything connected to it falls to the ground, to break as well.

The voxel characters were made by old friends from the Blockstorm community.

In case you own Blockstorm and want to try it out, here is the Steam workshop page.

Video credits: Background music by Trygve Larsen on Pixabay.

Software: Blockstorm (Game), (Premiere Pro)